Computer Maintenance – Before It’s Too Late!

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance – I can’t say it enough! Regular maintenance on your computer by a professional will go a long way towards extending the life of your computer. Everyday at EZ/PC we have to let someone know that their computer is dead or their precious pictures are gone forever. It is preventable! This is tough on us a technicians because we know we could have prevented this had it came to us sooner. Many clients think they are saving money by not coming in on for a “Computer Tune-Up”. Usually, when we get the computer it is too late. Just because it seems to you that it is running well doesn’t mean that a disaster isn’t just around the corner. We all know how important it is to take care of our cars and our health – Do your computer and your files a favor. Stop by for a computer check up. A little maintenance by a professional goes a long way. You will experience less down time. Save yourself a headache – stop by soon for a diagnosis of your computer! Mention our Facebook page to receive $10 off your next maintenance service.

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