EZ/PC Computer Services

Serving Doylestown and Bucks County, PA since 1993. Our service center is located on Rte. 202, just 1 minute south of Delaware Valley College.

Hardware Support & Upgrades

At EZ/PC we are able to repair any computer problem. Whether your hard drive has failed or your motherboard, memory, DC jack, or LCD has stopped working, EZ/PC can fix it. Screens cracked? We fix that too!

Scared of losing your valuable data? Let us know and we’ll back it up before even starting work.   Read more…


Software Support & Upgrades

Are viruses, malware, or other malicious software bogging down your computer? Registry and system errors giving you headaches? Bring us your computer today!

We are able to diagnose and repair any system software issue you may be facing. We can also install and configure your new software to optimize it’s performance on your machine.   Read more…


Wired & Wireless Networking Support

Having problems connecting to the internet? Would you like wireless internet installed in your home? Let EZ/PC Computer Services plug you in. We can diagnose and repair internet connectivity issues or upgrade your equipment to keep your speeds maxed out.

We can also troubleshoot or set up your home or office network and server, install networked and wireless printers, and ensure your equipment all speaks the same language.   Read more…


Malware & Virus Removal

Malicious software like trojans, adware, rootkits, browser hijacks, and spyware is more rampant than ever. Here at EZ/PC we have battled and conquered them all. We are able to backup and recover lost data, remove any malicious infections, and repair damage done to the operating system.

We’ll also set you up with antivirus and give you the knowledge to help avoid further infections.   Read more…


Business Support

Here at EZ/PC we understand that it is absolutely essential for your business technology to function correctly at all times. If your business is facing a technological crisis, EZ/PC will respond to your issue promptly to resolve your issue and ensure future problems won’t halt your operations again.

Our experienced technicians will perform regular maintenance and check-ups to keep operations running smoothly and find possible conflicts before they cause a problem.   Read more…

Online Backups

We offer superior cost effective solutions for ensuring your data is backed up and kept safe. All data is backed up online and outside of your business or home network so that in the event of a major failure or problem all your data is safe. Please use the following link to sign up.

Backblaze Cloud Backup Solutions

Remote Support





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